Refining & Petrochemicals

GS Energy, through its subsidiary GS Caltex, is a globally-recognized manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and other petrochemical products

From an extensive and integrated industrial base, GS Caltex’s efficient production methods position the company in competitive markets

Founded in 1967 as the first private oil refining company in Korea, GS Caltex has fueled the engine of the Korean economy, evolving over the decades into new markets and developing know-how in trading and shipping to strengthen our extensive network overseas.

Through the application of new technologies and continuous investment in building an integrated platform, we have enhanced our production methods and remained competitive as a world-class oil refining company, perpetually striving towards long term sustainable growth.

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GS Caltex

Value No.1 Energy & Chemical Partner

Key business areas

Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Base Oil & Lubricants




GS Caltex’s state-of-the-art manufacturing base has a refining capacity of 785,000 barrels per day and upgrading capacity of 274,000 barrels per day. Our Yeosu Complex, the world’s third largest oil refinery at a single site, has the largest upgrading capacity in Korea, allowing us to enjoy significant economies of scale. GS Caltex exports more than 50 percent of its products overseas and supplies more than 30 percent of domestic oil consumption.


GS Caltex entered the aromatic business in 1990, and has since made timely investments in the petrochemical business, currently manufacturing over 2.8 million tonnes of aromatics a year and 1.35 million tonnes of paraxylene.

GS Caltex has been recognized as a global leader in the polypropylene industry, producing and supplying high quality Polypropylene since in 1988. GS Caltex has expanded its overseas business portfolio with the launch of new polymer compounds plants in China (2006), the Czech Republic (2011) and Mexico (2016).

Base Oil & Lubricants  

GS Caltex began its base oil production in 2007, and has since increased production capacity to 26,000 barrels per day, exporting more than 70 percent of its base oil products across the world.
GS Caltex also produces 9,000 barrels of lubricants and 8,000 tonnes of grease products per day.
GS Caltex is recognized for its top-class product quality and technology as demonstrated by its leading market share and sales in the domestic market. Leveraging its competitiveness in the domestic market, GS Caltex has since expanded into international lubricant markets in China, Russia, and established a subsidiary in Mumbai, India.




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