Electric Power & District Heating

Everyday we meet consumer demand for gas and electricity

GS Energy has been supplying heat and electricity through Electric Power and District Heating Business and will continuously strengthen core business competencies to create future growth engine.

Since 2000, GS Energy has been supplying electric power and heat to approximately 300,000 households in Gyeonggi province through GS Power In recent years,GSEnergy acquired stakes in Cheongna Energy (2014) and Incheon Total Energy (2015) to further expand its district heating portfolio for Gyeonggi province. Through these acquisitions GS Energy supplies district heating to an additional 50,000 households.

Given the trend towards liberalization in gas markets, GS Energy has increased its involvement across the LNG supply chain to maximize the value of our ongoing LNG projects.GSEnergy recently acquired stakes in Shin Pyeongtaek Power, Dongducheon Dream Power to further aggregate downstream LNG demand. GSEnergy plans to expand this business model in overseas markets of Southeast Asia.

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GS Power

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Key business areas

Electric Power, District Heating and Cooling Business, etc


GS Power was established in 2000, acquiring the combined heat and power plants (CHP) of KEPCO and the district heating & cooling facilities of KDHC. Since its establishment, GS Power has continuously strived for efficient operation of the CHPs and stable management of the district heating & cooling system. GS Power main business areas are as follows.

Electric Power Business 

GS Power sells electricity produced at its CHPs (Anyang 500MW, Bucheon 450MW) to the grid, providing a stable source of power supply to the metropolitan area. GS Power is now working on the Anyang CHP modernization project to transform the aged CHP into a large scale CHP (935MW) with increased efficiency. By 2021, Anyang CHP will be one of the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly power plants.

District Heating and Cooling Business  

GS District heating & cooling is an advanced system that supplies heating and cooling to nearby areas using heat produced at centralized large-scale facilities instead of having each house or building run individual facilities intermittently. In addition to the heat generated by the cogeneration process, GS Power utilizes waste heat from incinerators, factories, and other thermal power plants to offer environment conscious and stable district heat & cooling services to 320,000 households in the surrounding area.  

Energy Efficiency Business 

Based on its accumulated experience and the latest technologies GS Power is an industry leader that provides optimal energy efficiency solutions for buildings and industrial facilities through the application of unused energy utilization technologies GS Power also imports high efficiency absorption type chiller (ATC)s and heat pumps of BROAD AIR CONDITIONING and provides them to power plants, industrial plants and buildings.



Renewable Energy Business 

GS Power is working towards increasing its renewable energy portfolio to prepare for climate change, respond to government's policies, and diversify from its current business portfolio. GS Power is investing in new and renewable energy generation projects such as solar power, small hydro power, wind power, biomass, fuel cell and ESS.



  • Tel ) +82-31-420-2590
  • Address ) Burim-ro 100, Dongan-gu, Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, Korea (431-828)
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Incheon Total Energy


Incheon Total Energy was established in 2004 and currently generates and distributes heating and cooling services to 40,000 households in the local area around  Incheon (Songdo). The company is jointly owned by GS Energy (50%), Incheon City (30%) and IMM Investments (20%).

  • Tel ) +82-1577-1079
  • Address ) 37 Academy-ro 51, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Gyeonggi Province, Korea
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